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Barry Kibrick
Between the Lines
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Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick has won the Los Angeles EMMY for Best Host and Studio Show the past three years in a row (2011, 2010, 2009).
The program originates out of Los Angeles on PBS station KLCS-TV and is currently in over 75% of the country and entering new markets every week.
Barry's guests include some of the world's most respected authors, directors, musicians, scientists, doctors, professors, philosophers, and business and political leaders.
From Queen Noor of Jordan to Secretary of State Warren Christopher, from Ray Bradbury to James Ellroy, from Sir Riddley Scott to Ron Howard, and from the COO of Microsoft to the CEO of MySpace, some of the world's greatest thinkers and players have graced the set of Between the Lines.
Barry combines passion, insight and creativity to convey a distinct, personal, thought-provoking method of conversation that brings a refreshingly new style to the genre, often times even surprising the guests themselves with his deep understanding of their work.


The show you may not have seen...
But everyone is talking about.

"Your program brings people together to engage in dialogue to promote understanding.  The need, the desire, the hunger the thirst for greater understanding made this a pleasure to talk to you."

Queen Noor of Jordan

"In all the shows that I've ever done, this has been the best and I really mean that... You don't really get a chance to talk about what's real.  This is a first for me."

Richie Havens

"I've never had an experience quite like this."

Anne Rice

"This was very unique... It was much more profound than you get in any other medium."

Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich

Your show is one of the best things happening in America - as we speak.  - Stella
Every time I watch your show I feel newly inspired.  Your show is a much needed reminder of how truly rich and amazing it is to be human.   -
On many occasions you've opened doors within my own soul.   -
I'm always totally engrossed and feel like you and your guests are sitting with me.    - Fred
You are like a professor that has a lasting impact on a student's life.   -
There really are miracles all around us. Your program today was literally one of the.     -
The way you pull metaphors out of the air is what we in the music world refer to as, 'a Coltrane lick.' Wow... My eyes continued to widen as the show reached its peak. 
  - Dann


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