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Join Nick Federoff for the rebroadcast of Things Green Live, the first and only ever "LIVE" one-hour gardening show, on Sunday, April 6th at 5 pm and Sunday, April 13th at 3:30 pm

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Show highlights include:

- Rose Care - watering, feeding, insect control and harvesting flowers.

- How to start a garden (for you and with kids).

- Basic elements of pruning.

- Audience participation - you might just end up being on TV with Nick!

 - Caller questions - just like his radio show he'll be fielding your questions live on TV.

Plus a whole lot more!!! 


Level 1



How to Prune & Care for Roses





Level 2



Basic Elements of Pruning





Level 3



Levels 1 and 2





Level 4



Nick Federoff's Gardening with Sammy Seed

Activity Fun Book Gardening with Sammy Seed: Indoor Plant Care

Saving Water with Sammy Seed











Level 5



Levels 3 and 4





Level 6   $1,000 - MobileGro 3 Tier Portable Garden Cart

Level 7   $1,000 - Landscape Consultation (donor must be in the Greater LA area)



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